New Gate for Chinatown - A Historical Symbol for Peace, Prosperity and Well Being



China Taiping Gate



China Taiping Gate



China Taiping Gate was mutually sponsored by both China Taiping Group and London Chinatown Chinese Association, in addition to collaborative efforts from numerous organisations both in China and the UK, including the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Westminster City Council. China Taiping Gate was officially opened in London’s Chinatown on 25 July 2016. 



A number of prestigious guests attended the official opening of the China Taiping Gate, including Prince Andrew - a member of the British Royal family, Steve Summers - the Lord Mayor of Westminster; Liu Xiaoming - Chinese ambassador in the UK; Deng Zhuting - Chairman of the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA) and Geng Jinhai - CEO of China Taiping Insurance UK. 



Prince Andrew offered congratulations to the establishment of the China Taiping Gate and expressed that the China Taiping Gate stands as a symbol of ‘welcome’ to the Chinese community in the UK and establishes closer ties between the two countries.



Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador, delivered a speech with warm congratulations from the Chinese government and expressed his appreciation of the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA) and China Taiping Group for their tremendous contributions towards the China Taiping Gate. Liu Xiaoming also expressed his warmest wishes and hopes that the new gate will bring peace and prosperity to the Chinese community. 

Mr Geng Jinhai, CEO of China Taiping Insurance UK, expressed his sincere appreciation towards the British Royal family, the Chinese Embassy, the local government, the British Chinese community and all those who had participated and contributed towards the project. He also reflected on how China Taiping UK maintained our close and positive relations with both the Chinese local community and British society over the last 30 years. 



China Taiping’s active participation in building the China Taiping Gate has significantly shown our committed approach towards contributing to the creation of a prosperous and harmonious society.