Safety Precautions for Our Clients



Dear Customers,

As we are going through spells of cold weather this winter, we have prepared this short guidance on how to protect your property to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and have a stress free winter season.


During any period of unoccupancy, in order to prevent any water damage, it is crucial that you take the following actions:

- Drain down systems and turn off the water mains

- Install water flow detection if possible

- Inspect the property or, if you are not able to, ask a friend/ relative to inspect the premises at least once a week and keep records of such visits

- Keep the heating on at a minimum of at least 5 degrees Celsius


Escape of Water from burst pipes due to freezing temperatures, a leaking washing machine, leaking tap etc. is very common so it is important that you know where the main stopcock is located in the premises.

You must maintain your roof, gutters, down pipes, parapet etc. at least quarterly, in order to clear out any blockage, which could cause water damage to the property, and carry out any repairs necessary in a timely manner.

Some properties are prone to condensation and damp, which can also cause many problems; hence, premises must be ventilated during this cold season.


Burst Pipes can occur when water in the pipes freeze and expand.

Steps you can take to minimise the chances of an incident happening this winter are:

- Find your main stopcock and make sure you know how to turn it on and off

- Repair any dripping taps

- Insulate all pipes and tanks in loft spaces and anywhere else that is prone to freezing

- Keep the premises warm and the heating on to at least 5 degrees

- If your pipes and tanks are in unheated loft spaces or cupboards, then open the door to allow warm air to circulate around them.

A burst pipe can cause serious damage to the structure and wiring of your property, so you must act immediately.


Should a burst pipe cause damage to your property or its contents:

- First, turn off the stopcock as soon as possible to limit the damage

- Switch off your central heating

- Open all the taps to drain the system

- Make sure professional repairs are carried out before you turn anything back on

- If water from a burst pipe is leaking near any electrics, then switch off the mains if it is dry and safe to do so. You must call a qualified electrician to check.

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