Underwriting Technician (1-year Fixed Term)

Location: City of London
Posted: 2023-09-29
Job description


  • Payment reconciliation – develop and implement a plan to full reconcile the payments received against the written bordereaux.  Collate relevant business data from risk and payment bordereaux, ensure the data is accurate, no duplication or omission. 
  • Broker communication – liaise directly with the broker to discuss issues found and propose resolution, to ensure understandings are aligned and rectification actions are mutually agreed.
  • Finance communication – liaise with Finance account handler to ensure payments info is accurately recorded and reconciled in GIS, adjust written premiums in GIS to match the payment where appropriate.
  • Report of issues – report findings of any issues and risks to HoD with recommended solutions, update progress regularly until all the issues are resolved.
  • Audit actions – follow up with audit recommendations on claims and reinsurers reporting.
  • File keeping – keep record of all the communications, meeting notes, work sheets, rationale, documents in a shared folder, ensure the records are accurate and complete and organised in a way that the records are easy to find for audit trail.





  • Strong numerical skill, can handle large quantity of complex business data
  • Medium to advance excel skill
  • Good organisation skill, can prioritise work according to urgency
  • Good communication skills, can communicate effectively with stakeholders at different levels, both verbal and in writing
  • Problem solving skills, be able to work independently to identify problems and solve problems to a satisfactory outcome
  • Quick learner, be able to understand where and why the issues arise, identify the risk around the issues and apply appropriate solutions to minimise the risks.
  • Experience in projects involving data analysis



  • Project management skills
  • Reporting writing skill
  • Familiar with data management software
  • University degree of accounting, finance, business or other numerical subjects


Contact details


If you are interested in applying for the role, or have any questions, please send your CV or your questions to HR@uk.cntaiping.com