Taiping Reinsurance won the 2017 Hong Kong Insurance Industry ‘Outstanding Reinsurance Scheme Award’


On October 26th, the winners of 2017 Hong Kong Insurance Industry Awards were announced. Taiping Reinsurance Co Ltd., a subsidiary company of China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd., has won the ‘Outstanding Reinsurance Scheme Award’ for its ‘Go Global, Grow Local’ reinsurance solution.


The Hong Kong Insurance Industry Awards, organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, is one of the most prestigious names in the Hong Kong insurance industry. For the first time this year, the ‘Outstanding Reinsurance Scheme’ has been added to the awards.


‘Go Global, Grow Local’ is the tailored, comprehensive reinsurance solutions by Taiping Insurance Reinsurance. ‘Go Global’ aims to satisfy the growing risk management needs of the Chinese companies to ‘Going out’; to help customers more directly involved in risk management and insurance arrangements for overseas projects; to provide the most comprehensive support and guarantee for customer’s overseas investment; and to achieve the substantial effect of multi-win by taking into account the interests of all parties.


Taiping Reinsurance is actively supporting the ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ and the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council, to turn Hong Kong into a major centre for Reinsurance, Maritime Insurance and Captive Insurance. Through the strong guidance of overseas related insurance premium returning to Hong Kong, ‘Grow Local’ will inject new vitality and growth momentum into Hong Kong’s Insurance market.


Taiping Reinsurance has said that as China Taiping Group’s professional reinsurance subsidiary, the company implemented the Group’s ‘Top-quality’ strategy in depth and highlighted ‘International Operation Characteristic’ development. Taiping Reinsurance will take advantage of this opportunity to enhance the industry influence further. While speeding up the development, strengthening and accelerating the reinsurance sector, Taiping Reinsurance could also make a greater contribution to the Group’s ‘Top-quality Strategy’ and Hong Kong Insurance Industry’s development.