China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd. holds the 2017 annual broker event




China Taiping Insurance (UK), Co Ltd.’s annual broker event was held in London on December 6th, 2017, with roughly 150 guests who attended.



CEO Mr Jinhai Geng delivered a keynote speech at the dinner party. He first reviewed the history of the company’s rapid development over the past five years. The company has shifted its business orientation from the insurance company for the Chinese community into the Local British company. The achievement of its essential British localisation is inseparable from the full support and cooperation of our broker. Mr Geng then emphasises China Taiping’s aim of achieving premium growth and growth efficiency, at the same time, the company will continue making efforts to expand the brand influence of China Taiping. The speech analysed the uncertainty of the market caused by Brexit; the increasing supervision and pressure from the Regulation Party; and the challenges of the insurance market faced under the influence of catastrophe this year. Finally, Mr Geng defined the company’s future development direction, construction plan and target. At the same time, the company and the brokers cooperate to put forward new requirements to bring out new hope.



Two broker awards were presented in the evening. For ‘Most Consistent Performance Broker’, the nominates are Mei & Ken, Nang Place Ltd and Credential Insurance, and the winner is Nang Place Ltd. For ‘Best Account Development Broker’, the nominates are DOA Underwriting, Ptarmigan UK and Giles Insurance, and the winner is the DOA Underwriting.