New Year’s Greetings from China Taiping Insurance Group: Embrace a New Era and Present New Achievements



We bid farewell to 2017 and welcome a prosperous 2018. On the occasion of this festive period, China Taiping Insurance Group wish to extend our greetings and sincere regards to our clients and supporters from China and abroad, to our colleagues and their families, and to our friends. From China Taiping, we wish you good health, a bright future, happiness, peace and success!


In celebration of the 88th anniversary, China Taiping made significant progress in the implementation of its Top-quality Strategy. The annual total premiums exceeded 150 billion Yuan. Total assets exceeded 500 billion Yuan, and assets under management exceeded 900 billion Yuan. The core business continued to outperform the market, and remain as an industry leader in quality and efficiency. This year, China Taiping’s share prices rose sharply and was rated to have the most investment potential along the listed companies. China Taiping has been once again selected as Top 500 Global Brand, with a brand value of over 100 billion Yuan, and Group’s overall strength and brand reputation have been significantly improved.


In the coming year, China Taiping will continue to energetically promote the core culture of being ‘Ambitious and Responsible, Passionate and Positive, Courageous and Innovative’. With the spirit of "Time will not wait for us, we are going to seize every minute of the struggle", China Taiping aims to speed up developing the most unique and high-potential top-quality insurance company, and to start the journey of building the world-class comprehensive financial insurance group.