2013 West-Midlands Chinese Entrepreneurs and Overseas Financial Information Forum held in Birmingham



On 6th June 2013, West-Midlands Chinese Entrepreneurs and Overseas Financial Information Forum organised by Bank of China (UK) Limited, China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd and HBJ RunHe (Trading Division of Gateley (Scotland) LLP) was held in Birmingham.


This Forum focused on the banking, insurance and legal issues for the Chinese Entrepreneurs and Overseas in West-Midlands. Minister Counsellor Zhou Xiaoming and counsellor of Birmingham Peter D Osborn were present at the forum. There were over 60 representatives attending this forum, including Birmingham Chinese Society, UK Young Chinese Entrepreneur Association, SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited, The London Taxi Company, Huawei Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd, NVC Lighting Limited and other representatives of Chinese Entrepreneurs and Overseas.


Chinese investment in West-Midlands has increased in recent years. There are more and more Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese overseas individuals who are eager to gain professional knowledge in financial aspect, which is the reason for the forums' success. This forum not only provided an opportunity to meet and communicate with other entrepreneurs and professionals for the Chinese entrepreneurs and overseas in West-Midlands, but also helped China Taiping to build stronger cooperation and relationships with other entrepreneurs.