Remarkable results for ‘Building a Top Brand Strategy’
----China Taiping released its 2017 annual results



China Taiping Insurance Holdings Limited (Stock Code: HK00966) issued its annual audited financial results for the year ending December 31, 2017.


China Taiping’s ‘Building a Top Brand Strategy’ achieved remarkable results in the year of 2017. Its business quality continued to improve, business scale proliferated and its overall strength improved significantly. Total Premiums and insurance policy income have reached HK $178.7 billion, an increase of 19.7% compared to last year. Total assets and assets under management achieved HK $666.50 billion and HK $1,125.6 billion, up by 30.9% and 34.0% respectively. The new business for life insurance in the domestic market had a value of HK $13.638 billion, a 49.6% increase from a year earlier. Along with the significant growth in China Taiping’s earnings, profit attribute to shareholders has amounted to HK $6.136 billion; a year-on-year increase of 27.0%. At the same time, overseas insurance business has developed steadily and has maintained overall underwriting profit.


In 2018, China Taiping will continue to implement the ‘Top-Quality Strategy’, promote brand influence and achieve new breakthroughs in brand value.