China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK) and the 48 Group Club co-hosted the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Young Icebreaker
General Manager of China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd, Vice Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK, Jinhai Geng, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the CCCUK



The Young Icebreakers 10th Anniversary Dinner co-hosted by China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK) and the 48 Group Club was held in London on June 5th. More than 200 guests from industry and commerce, finance and journalism attended this event, including a number of prestigious guests: Liu Xiaoming – Chinese ambassador in the UK, Stephen Perry – Chairman of the 48 Group Club, Lord Davidson, Lord McNally, and Gerry Grimstone– Chairman of Standard Life.



H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, gave a keynote speech entitled: ‘Break the Ice through Inclusive Cooperation’. This was the ninth time Ambassador Liu had celebrated the anniversary with the ‘Young Icebreakers’ during his eight years as Chinese Ambassador to the UK. He said, “I have seen with my own eyes how ‘Young Icebreakers’ have grown from strength to strength in the past ten years. To quote a Chinese idiom, ‘a good sword deserves ten years’ honing’. On the occasion of your tenth anniversary, let me extend to you my heartfelt congratulations. I also want to thank you all for your contribution to China-UK exchange and cooperation.” Ambassador Liu also extended his three hopes for the ‘Young Icebreakers’: “First, I hope you will keep cool and carry on in face of vicissitudes. To see the complicated and changing world in its true light, one must learn the laws of history in order to dispel the clouds and let the sun’s beam shine through. Second, I hope you will be persevering in your endeavour. Every big thing starts with something small. Every long journey begins with a single step. Partners in cooperation need to identify their converging interest, take solid steps in every project and remove every obstacle. I urge our young icebreakers to get down to business and be innovative. The opportunities for China-UK cooperation in financial services, energy, artificial intelligence and digital economy are out there for you to explore. Third, I hope you will be inclusive and think beyond narrow self-interest. China and the UK are major countries with international influence. The cooperation between our two countries has a global impact. Both have the duty to adhere to free trade and to push for more vigorous, more inclusive and more sustainable economic globalization. I urge our young icebreakers to actively participate in the cooperation on the “Belt and Road’ Initiative and stay true to the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefit. This will enable more countries to taste the fruit of China-UK cooperation. It will allow more people to share the benefit of economic globalization. This will be your contribution to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.”



General Manager of China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd. and Vice Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK, Jinhai Geng, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the CCCUK. He said, “The CCCUK and the 48 Group Club have jointly organized the ‘Young Icebreakers Anniversary Dinner’ for three consecutive years. It has made it possible to cultivate young talents of China and the United Kingdom and to make a contribution on promoting the cooperation and development of the two countries in various fields. Tonight, at this important moment to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the ‘Young Icebreakers’, I sincerely hope that CCCUK and the young icebreakers will establish a closer cooperation. As the largest Chinese enterprise platform in the UK, CCCUK aims to ‘Sell good Chinese products, provide excellent Chinese services, deliver influential Chinese voices and strive to become a top local citizen’. In the future, CCCUK will even further deepen its cooperation with young icebreakers. Through multi-channel, multi-level, multi-field exchanges and cooperation, we have made active contributions to the ‘Golden Era’ of China-UK relations.” Mr Geng emphasized that the ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ has provided a broader stage for the young icebreakers to play their parts. The potential for cooperation between China and UK under the ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ is huge and promising.



Founded in 1954 by a group of UK's business people, who broke the embargo on China by the western countries and were thus honoured as the "Icebreakers", the 48 Group Club is a non-governmental organization that has been dedicated to the friendly economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with China for a long time. The Young Icebreakers were formed 10 years ago and continue the traditions first set by the founders of the icebreakers. Today, as the new generation of pioneers, the young icebreakers have become the indispensable force in promoting in-depth exchanges and cooperation between China and the UK in various fields.