2018 Fortune China Top 500 Company Rankings Announced
China Taiping enters the top 50



Fortune released the latest China Fortune 500 company list on10th July 2018.


The list was compiled by the Chinese version of Fortune in cooperation with CICC's Wealth Management Department, taking into account the performance and achievements of the largest Chinese listed companies worldwide over the past year.


China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited. ranked among the top 50 in China with a revenue of 169.9 billion RMB in 2017, ranking 47th, up 4 places from the previous year.


In recent years, China Taiping has built “the most unique and potential top-quality insurance company”.


Since implementing the “Top-quality Strategy” in 2015, China Taiping’s main business has thrived in the market and their overall strength has improved significantly. The average annual growth rate of the Group's total premiums, total assets and management assets were 20%, 16% and 21%, respectively, exceeding the industry average.


The Group's average annual growth rate has outperformed the market for six consecutive years, and the development quality and growth value continue to help lead the industry. 


China Taiping Holdings (HK00966) share price has consistently hit a record high, and in 2017 was highlighted as having the most investment potential listed.