China Taiping Insurance Group held its strategic conference in Shenzhen




On December 26th-27th, China Taiping Insurance Group’s Strategy Conference was successfully held in Shenzhen, establishing the Group’s new Internationalisation Strategy. Huang Hong, Vice-Chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, was invited to give a special report. Board Chairman Luo Xi gave a report on "China Taiping Insurance Group Strategic Research" and gave the closing speech. General Manager Wang Sidong gave a report on "Group Benchmarking Analysis", and Deputy General Managers Hong Bo and Xiao Xing delivered reports analysing the Group’s Internationalisation and Informationisation Development, respectively. Deputy General Manager Ren Shengjun presided the meeting. The famous economist Sheng Hong and the General Manager of WeSure Insurance agency Xie Bangjie were also invited to take part.


The meeting highlighted that China Taiping will adhere to our national needs. The Group’s new internationalisation strategy could be summarized as "one goal" and "six major initiatives." "One goal", is to "build a modern international financial insurance group with global competitiveness". The "Six major initiatives” are to : (1) enhance the overall awareness of serving the national significant strategies; (2) launch the "Sharing Taiping" development concept; (3) create an internationalisation development direction; (4) set up the development foundation of informationisation; (5) build a market-oriented development mechanism; and (6) give full play to the governance advantages of state-owned enterprises.


The conference emphasized that internationalisation is the core content of China Taiping’s new development strategy. It can best reflect our characteristics, highlight our advantages and represent our future development direction. By accurately grasping the basic judgments and time connotations of the central government during the significant strategic period, the establishment of our new internationalisation strategy comprehensively considering researching the development trend of the insurance industry and reflecting our unique characteristics. They are and will be the guidelines and action plans for China Taiping Group’s further development.


The meeting stressed that it is necessary to speed up the pace of informatisation construction and turn informationisation into the Group’s core componence and basic productivity. It is essential to accelerate market-oriented reforms, establish a more market-oriented system and mechanism, and constantly stimulate new impetus and vitality. It is also required to adhere to both business development and cultural construction and promote the concept of "Sharing Taiping".


China Taiping Insurance Group Management members, Board Directors and Department Heads; and subsidiary companies’ General Managers attended the meeting.