Reinsurance Manager

Location:London Posted:2019-09-25
Job description

•  Responsible for Annual reinsurance planning; establishing and improving the reinsurance management system, procedures and related management policies;

    optimising the function’s management responsibilities

•  Responsible for reinsurance statement and accounting management, budget management, business development, business analysis and training related matters

•  Responsible for establishing reinsurance risk management system; analysing, reporting, and managing major risks

•  Responsible for providing IT system requirements, testing for implementation and designing for reinsurance functional optimisation

•  Responsible for Reinsurance treaty and facultative management, including setting annual work plan and coordinating renewal terms negotiation

•  Responsible for assessment, and asset and credit analysis of inward and outward treaty, facultative business and counter-party risk management

•  Responsible for reinsurance file management, and regular and irregular analysis of reinsurance management

•  Responsible for communicating and collaborating with underwriting, claims, actuaries, finance and other related teams when necessary

•  Analysing reinsurance performance in line with the company’s strategy, and internal /external environment

•  Optimising reinsurance protection/ arrangement structure

•  Other ad hoc duties




•  Bachelor’s degree or above in numerical subjects

•  Previous experience (more than 5 years) in reinsurance management. Familiar with reinsurance rules and regulations in local and global markets

•  Strong learning ability and Good Chinese and English writing skills

•  Have experience in IT system construction in Reinsurance field and ability in composing IT related requirements

•  Strong ability to work under pressure and excellent interpersonal and communication skills


Contact details

If you are interested in applying for the role, or have any questions, please send your CV or your questions to