Enterprise Risk Management Analyst

Location:London Posted:2019-12-18
Job description

This role will lead the risk management function of the company in both the quantitative and qualitative perspectives:


• Support the risk management activities e.g. risk appetite, tolerances and limits setting, risk identification, classification, assessment, monitoring and reporting. Continuously develop, maintain and monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the ERM framework.

• Perform and document the ORSA process, manage the risk analyses (in regards to risk profile / risk drivers and capital adequacy via scenario / stress testing and qualitative assessments) and ORSA reporting under the Solvency II requirements.

• Hold the secretary position of the Risk Management Committee. Contribute to internal risk / solvency reporting to the management and the Board.

• Act as the centre point of risk reporting from different departments across the company.

• Provide trainings on risk management and help build the risk awareness and culture within the company.

• Help maintain the relationships with other regulatory bodies such as the PRA and FCA.


• Perform the SCR and own funds calculation using the Solvency II (SII) Standard Formula. Prepare materials, present and explain the outputs. Keep the capital model process up to date with the latest SII requirements.

• Constantly assess the capital sufficiency and provide opinions to assist management decisions and reinsurance programme design.

• Perform capital optimisation analysis and establish the economic capitals as part of the ORSA process.

• Perform sensitivity, stress and scenario tests on the solvency position to assist business development and new product launching.





• 3-5 years’ work experience in general insurance market.

• Bachelor's degree or above in risk, management or related fields. 

• Knowledge of enterprise risk management methods and principles. 

• Excellent reporting writing skills. Excellent presentation and verbal communication skills. 

• Strong knowledge of the requirements of Solvency II capital modelling. 

• Good problem solving and relationship management skills. 

• Excellent in MS Suite (e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access).

• Student Actuary making good progress though the IFoA examinations.


• Past experience in risk management, compliance, internal audit or related.

• Taken or will take the IFoA SP9 exam for the CERA certificate.

• Competent in managing own workload and working on own initiative and in project managing delivery on multiple tasks.

• Strong commercial understanding and business awareness.

Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese would be a plus but not essential. 






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If you are interested in applying for the role, or have any questions, please send your CV or your questions to HR@uk.cntaiping.com