“Meet & Greet”


China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd Netherlands Branch held an annual event on 27th October 2016


In recognition of the trust and support of the insurance industry partners, China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd Netherlands Branch held a “Meet & Greet” party on 27th October 2016 in the newly established event location “The BoatHouse” in Rotterdam. Zheng Weimin, General Manager of the Netherlands branch, and Graham Kerr, Chief Underwriter of China Taiping Insurance UK Co Ltd, along with the entire staff and over 70 business partners from more than 30 insurance brokers had a joyous gathering.


The party started in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere where Martin Berrevoets, Senior underwriter of the Netherlands branch, first delivered a brief speech, noting that the rapid development of the Netherlands Branch in recent years is inseparable from the full support and assistance of the UK head office and the Dutch local insurance industry partners’ trust, support and solidarity, and that he would continue to look forward to closer ties and cooperation in the future.


In the speech, Graham Kerr highlighted the tremendous progress and significant growth of the Netherlands Branch over the past year. The UK head office will work with the Netherlands Branch to expand the business in the European continent, and expect to achieve better results.


Zheng Weimin in his speech reviewed the history and achievements of China Taiping Insurance and expressed his sincere gratitude to the partners who have long-term support to the Netherlands branch.