Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals in the UK (ACIP) annual conference was held on 30th November


6 months since the launch, Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals in the UK (ACIP) held a successful annual conference on 30th November, attended by some 60 ACIP members and 30 Guests including Sir David Brewer, DL Thomas Chan, representatives from Lloyds of London and CII, top executives of insurance  companies  in the UK, and chair persons of other counterpart associations.


The Management Committee of ACIP reported to the conference on the works done including the website, bank account, fund raising and events organised, which has been seen as a significant progress during the space of six months period.


Association has attracted wider attentions and audience from major insurance companies in UK and China. They have started to build links with our Chinese counterparts, and will continue to build up our network and awareness, to develop more understanding of insurance markets between UK, China and other parts of the world.


The Association will have 4 formal all members’ events each year and will invite industry experts/specialists for various seminars on specific subjects and interests, with the assistance from CII and Lloyds of London, and other insurers or companies.