China Taiping Broker Event 2016


Mr. Geng Jinhai

On 8th December 2016, China Taiping UK held its annual broker dinner event at the conference centre of Marriott Hotel Regent Park in north London. Over one-hundred broker guests and China Taiping Staff attended the evening event at which Mr Jinhai Geng, CEO of Taiping UK made a keynote speech.


The evening was another successful marketing event following the milestone celebration that took place last Christmas at the Millennium Hotel, for the 30th anniversary of China Taiping operating within the UK.



There were two Broker Awards presented at the event - the ‘Most Constant Performance Broker which was won by Credential, with the other nominees of Barts Insurance and Japan England; and the ‘Best Account Development Broker’ won by Oasis with the nominees of Lakesure Insurance and RGA Underwriting. There were also fantastic prize draws and various types entertainment which the guests and staff thoroughly enjoyed and could bond over during the evening.


Today in China Taiping UK, 70% of business revenue is generated from local broker markets, including UK and Europe, and the remaining 30% from Chinese community clients. The Company would expect to reach a new record of the premium in our history. China Taiping’s ranking in the Top 100 UK general Insurers table also jumped 10 spots placing us at 80 in 2016.